Determinants of students’ innovation

The paper:

Martín, P., Potočnik, K., & Fras, A. B. (2017). Determinants of students’ innovation in Higher Education. Studies in Higher Education, 42(7), 1229-1243. doi:10.1080/03075079.2015.1087993


A longitudinal study on 78 undergraduate students from psychology, management, fine arts and education shows that previous innovation behaviours as freshmen and the current levels of autonomy and cognitive demands are positively related to students’ innovation behaviours. The study found that the main determinants of students’ innovation behaviours changed over time to some extent. Autonomy in accomplishing academic tasks was the only predictor of students’ innovation behaviours. The relationship between cognitive demands and individual innovation behaviours was only partially supported. This study indicates that autonomy is the key to individual innovation behaviours. It is recommend in the paper teachers should design learning tasks and assignments that allow autonomy from students starting from their first year. Beyond the first year, teachers could also consider designing tasks involving higher cognitive demands in addition to providing autonomy in order to enhance student innovation.


About the photo: An old building and three at Wan Cai, Hong Kong, filmed in 2012.

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