Adaptive learning for flipped classroom可用于翻轉課堂的自適應學習

A brook never forces the rock what it should become. Instead it moistens things silently.小溪從不強迫岩石改變。相反,它默默地滋潤著周遭事物。

This is a workshop on adaptive learning, which can be used for flipped classroom. 這是一個關於自適應學習的工作坊,其方法也可用於翻轉課堂。

At the end of this workshop, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Explain what adaptive learning is
  • Analyze the important elements of adaptive learning that can be used to enhance student experience in flipped classroom
  • Discuss different ways to organize materials through adaptive learning to prepare students for flipped classroom

Click here to read the material. For more detail, please contact me.

About the photo: A Chinese ink painting by my father.

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